IT Governance

IT Governance is the collection of processes that coordinate the use of IT efficiently and effectively for the organization to attain its objectives. Most of the time, IT Governance is coupled with Risk and Compliance management and is referred to as: IT GRC. We at Signature Consultancy are delighted to provide our services in the IT GRC and certification space. We have worked with organizations to reach high levels in the standardization and governance area. In addition to getting these certifications we remain engaged with them to maintain such certification through the continuous evolution of such regulations and standards. In addition to the offerings covering ITIL adoption, Service Desk Institute (SDI) certifications and GDPR compliance, we are available to work with you on your custom requirements in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space.


GDPR Ready,
GDPR Steady,
Yes! It is that simple!
Becoming compliant has not looked this easy. We are ready and willing to build the roadmap with you and take you through the entire process to compliance. Our programs range from GDPR awareness, assessments and Advisory offerings to full GDPR program management service to meet the challenges GDPR compliance brings to your business operations.

ITIL® Adoption Program

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Adoption Program focuses on providing the means and processes to make your organization's journey to implement ITIL® best practices a 5 star trip.

The ITIL® Program from Signature Consultancy is aimed to streamline your service management processes, from design to implementation, based on ITIL Best Practices in a systematic and complete manner.

The ITIL Program will guide you through the various sets of specialized organizational capabilities of Service Management to provide value for customers in a form of services.

The ITIL Program will provide the skills, knowledge and experience to identify and select the right set of service management tools which are essential for the success of all, even the very smallest process implementation

    Program Includes:
  • ITIL/ITSM Gap Analysis Assessment & Recommendation
  • Processes & Procedures Gathering, evaluation, and design
  • Policy Definition
  • Continual Improvement

Service Desk Certification Program Based on the Service Desk Institute's (SDI)

The SDI Program enables you to measure and improve your service desk’s effectiveness and maturity against the SDI Service Desk Certification standards which includes nine certification concepts

  • Leadership
  • Policy & Strategy
  • People & Management
  • Partnerships & Resources
  • Processes
  • People Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Performance Results
  • Social Responsibility

The SDI certification program from Signature Consultancy helps you develop best practice based skillsets, Service Desk policies, processes and procedures as mandated by the SDI Service Desk Certification standards.

We are ready to

  • Manage the engagement of an SDI Assessment
  • Collect and Validate evidence required for certification
  • Improve Processes & Procedures based on SDI Standards
  • Develop & Document missing evidence for certification
  • Train your Service Desk team to understand and adopt the standard