WebDesk for System Center Service Manager is the Web interface to replace the standard SCSM Console. WebDesk is designed for Analysts. WebDesk allows analysts to perform most of the activities from a web based application and on any device rather than the SCSM Console. From WebDesk, analysts can manage incidents, requests and activities quickly and easily. With WebDesk, there is no more need for the SCSM Windows Console to execute daily tasks.

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WebDesk includes a CTI module for integration with enterprise telephony systems. On incoming calls, support operators receive notification directly into WebDesk allowing them to respond swiftly with the incident or request information and history on hand.

WebDesk Features

  • Built-In Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Create and Manage Incident Related Activities
  • INCIDENT Management (Create, update, log Comments, add Activities Resolve, Transfer & Escalate Incident,..)
  • Request Management (Capture user Input, create related Activities, Log and Archive Requests,…)

Software Details

Latest Version:
Operator/Analyst Portal for scsm


SMTRAK is the only enterprise ready Dashboard for Microsoft System Center Service Manager providing, out of the box, a complete view of your Service Desk operation. SMTRAK latest release delivers a complete new insight into your System Center Service Management data. SMTrak provides the persistent visibility every Support manager requires to ensure support operations are running smoothly.

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With its ability to visualize both historic as well as real time data, SMTrak helps support managers identify problematic spots in the Service Desk processes and performance. The numerous charts, metrics and analytics provided with SMTrak allow instant visualization and identification of deficiency areas or breaches in service desk processes.
Furthermore, SMTrak provides customizable filters for all components allowing users to view information, reports or charts from different perspectives to meet the most demanding requirements.
SMTrak dashboards present various ITIL key metrics and business analytics that support executives and analysts requirements for monitoring performance of service desk operations.
With SMTrak, you can easily identify bottlenecks to help you reduce time to resolution, meet your Service Level Agreements and make a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction.

SMTRAK Features

  • Speaks your Language easily with the Multi language feature
  • "My Snapshot" page showing logged in user individual workload in real time
  • ITIL processes visualization and measurement
  • Real time and Historic data visualization
  • Simple Installation and configuration
  • Work Load Full drill down
  • KPIs for incident distribution per office, department and country.
  • Custom incident Classification displays
  • "My Team Snapshot" shows support team(s) and Individual team members real time workloads
  • Full Active Directory Integration

Software Details

SMTrak is easy to implement and use. You can be up and running in minutes to give you a 360 degree view into you ITSM activities.

Latest Version:
Dashboard/Reporting web app


Service Manager Telephony Integration (SMTI) is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Service Manager allowing you to bridge a gap in your ITSM processes thus ensuring your service offerings are optimal and personal.

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SMTI creates the link between your Microsoft System Center Service Manager, the soft phone system and call center operators computer. This connectivity makes it possible to identify the callers automatically and presents the call center operator with the caller’s incidents history and status allowing an instant response to basic incident queries and follow-up calls.
SMTI is now in its third major release. SMTI 3.X offers new additional features and functions to make the daily tasks support analysts perform straight forward, easier and much faster, all in a user friendly interface. In Addition to the support for incidents in the earlier versions, SMTI 3.X supports Service Requests. You can now view and create service requests directly from SMTI.

SMTI Features

  • Integrates your soft phone and System Center Service Manager
  • Support Incidents and Service Requests Offerings
  • Offers native integration with Microsoft Lync
  • Supports any soft phone telephony system capable of Application integration
  • Uses caller Identity information to populate operator’s display and provide incident and service request related data
  • Update analyst comments on the fly
SMTI allows support center staff to offer a personalized and timely service. It enables organizations to improve customer satisfaction, reduce average call times, reduce costs, boost productivity, increase the profitability, and above all deliver a superior customer experience.

Software Details

Latest Version:
CTI (Call Telephony Integration)


Most, if not all, ITSM adoptions and implementations are driven by IT cost reduction and improving IT efficiency. Looking at this from Service Desk operations perspective, it would translate to meeting the deadlines and restoring normal operations within the SLAs with the business.

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SMAX Management Pack is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Service that provides you with the means to send meeting requests directly from the SCSM Management Console to Microsoft Exchange. The meeting request is related to any incident or service request in System Center Service Manager and is sent directly as a meeting request to the mailbox of the analyst or operator assigned to the incident or service request. This meeting request will show in the analyst calendar thus allowing you additional control on support engineers’ schedule.
SMAX is specifically designed for MS SCSM and Microsoft Exchange 2010 or later, so support managers and Service Desk Admins can schedule appointments from within the MS SCSM Console with just one click.
SMAX allows you to manage your support staff workload checking their calendar free/busy status and availability in real time and avoid double booking or assignment overlapping.

SMAX Features

  • Management pack Installed centrally on your Management server
  • Accessible to all analysts from the Service Manager console
  • Automatic schedule availability checks
  • Multi language support
  • Schedule appointments for IRs or SRs.
  • Records appointment requests to appropriate work item log.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Later
  • Built-in Analyst availability (free/busy check) suggests free time slots in people's schedules

Software Details

Latest Version:
Scheduling meetings