Our Solutions

At SIGNATURE, in our quest to provide best of breed technologies and solutions, we have partnered with market leaders and technology pioneers worldwide. Equipped with our extensive experience, and the knowledge of the industry requirements, we sensibly selected both solutions and vendors to offer for our customers. Our main goals are to provide solutions that can make a difference in the IT landscape, allow technology to keep up with the fast pace of today's business world and provide the best value for money.

Cyber Resilience

While Cybersecurity is the collection of processes and methods to identify your electronic and digital data assets and implement business practices and technologies to protect it. Cyber resilience is your organization’s capability to resist or quickly recover from Cybersecurity events that disturb normal business operations.
How to build on your Cybersecurity framework, processes and tools to become Cyber Resilient?


We have paved the way for dozens of organizations to make the ITSM journey and we are still doing it every day. Our ITSM solution offering will help you build that bridge between IT and the employees on solid foundations. We can guide you or walk you step by step -you decide- to the successful transformation of your IT department to a customer centric IT organization. An IT organization delivering consistent and measurable value to the business.

Hybrid Cloud

What do you do when your current datacenter capacity reaching its limits? What do you do when you need more processing power or more storage to cater for the ever evolving business requirements?
As the business landscape develops, IT is expected to keep up to meet the demands yet control both, expenditure as well as operational costs. Our consultants are ready to work with you to extend your data center into the cloud seamlessly, securely and cost effectively.

IT Automation and Orchestration

Form Automation to Orchestration.
Though IT automation is different from orchestration, but commonly, the terms are used together. Automation accomplishes a task repeatedly without human intervention. Orchestration is a broader concept wherein you are able to coordinate automated tasks into a cohesive process or workflow for IT and the business.
With IT Orchestration, you can enable workload scaling with automated instance creation, operating system (OS) installs and storage provisioning. Orchestration allows to integrate the automation tasks in a workflow with a specific order of operations for each task. Orchestration can also include approvals, permissions and roles enforcement and more.

Hybrid Recovery Service

Ever since computers stared invading the business landscape, data recoverability has been a major focus. Even more, with the current expansion in data volumes and the dependence on data mining and analytics for business decision making, your data has become priceless.
As business data becomes ever more a strategic asset, the emphasis on storing, protecting, analyzing such data falls onto IT. Let us work with you to take out the burden of data recovery from your daily task list with secure recovery services for any type of digital assets. A data recovery service with no upfront investments offering the flexibility you require both technically and financially to meet the most demanding data recoverability objectives.